Review: A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani

The fantasy novel, The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani, picks the story off from where friends Agatha and Sophie left.

Back in Gavaldon, free from the rules of fairy tales, the two friends are living out their Ever After. For both girls, they’ll soon discover, Ever After isn’t satisfying enough.

Depressed by the upcoming marriage of her father to a woman who was once her mother’s best friend, Sophie spends a good amount of time sulking. During Agatha and Sophie’s evening walk, she tells Agatha about her mother and how she died broken and betrayed, before wishing that she could see her mother again.

Meanwhile, Agatha keeps dreaming about her prince, Tedros of Camelot, who she left behind in the fairy tale world for her best friend, Sophie. On the day of Sophie’s father, Stefan’s wedding, in a moment of strong emotion her finger glows as she performs magic and makes a wish. Following her wish, arrows begin to fly from the woods and target Sophie.

Sophie hides in the town church, and Agatha, feeling guilty about her wish keeps her company. Before both girls have time to think through the mystery of the arrows, they are once again, unwillingly swept into the fairy tale world. Back at the School for Good and Evil, which following The End to their fairy tale, had reverted to the School for Boys and Girls.

In the School for Girls, two of their teachers, Professor Dovey and Lady Lesso, quickly explain what has happened. Their fairy tale has reopened and the only way to get back home is by using the Storian to seal The End, once more. But there are three catches. One: both of them must mean their ending. Two: the Storian is at the Boy’s school, guarded by a boy who wants Sophie dead. And three: they must do so without arousing the suspicion of a new and dangerous teacher.

Two conflicting wishes reopened their fairy tale. Can a united wish close it?

A review quote is able to sum this book up very well in one sentence:

“A funny, frightening, and fully satisfying novel that explores the meaning of true love and the vast gray area between good and evil.”

San Francisco Chronicle

I loved this book for the great plot and writing. Even after rereading this book for the third time, the book has never lost it’s page-turning quality. The writing develops an intriguing, fast-placed plot while at the same time managing to retain humor. While there were humorous areas, there were also intense, emotional scenes that were beautifully written. The difficult choices, suspicions, and betrayals sprinkled throughout the story made this novel even more of a great read.

However of the third of the books, I think that it lacked action. Most of the book, in my opinion, had suspense, but the action was the best toward the end. Of the three books, this was probably my least favorite.

Yesterday, July 21, 2015, the third book (The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After was released, closing the trilogy. Find out what happens to the two girls in both suspenseful adventures.

Rating: Read It!-Choose It!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this book in the comments section. Are there any similar books you would recommend?



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