Review: The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani

The book, The Last Ever After, by Soman Chainani wraps up the enthralling story of friends Agatha and Sophie.


Manipulated and deceived, the two girls parted ways at the end of the last book: A World Without PrincesThe two girls were torn apart by their kisses with boys: “Good with Good. Evil with Evil.”

At the end of A World Without Princes, Sophie unknowingly kissed the Evil Schoolmaster back to life and youth. Like her mother, Sophie’s friends have betrayed and abandoned her. Meanwhile, the sun is dying and Sophie longs to discover the fates of her friends: Hester, Anadil, and Dot. Rafal, the young Schoolmaster, promises Sophie that if she takes his ring of marriage she needn’t end like her mother, will stop a war, be able to see her friends, and their storybook will close, which will save the sun. Desperate for love among many other desires, Sophie accepts the Schoolmaster’s ring. She becomes his queen, but the storybook won’t close and the sun won’t stop sinking. The Schoolmaster tells her that the Storian (the magical pen that writes the fairy tales) must not doubt their ending, but Agatha and Tedros’.

Back in Gavaldon, Agatha and Tedros argue furiously, a side effect of two lovers who have never developed a friendship before a romance. Agatha is fed up with how entitled and spoiled Tedros acts because of his royal upbringing. Tedros hates inactivity and is bored from being pent up in Agatha’s graveyard house. Eventually, they come to their realization that their Ever After isn’t complete. They need a third person: Sophie who both have come to known as a friend and actually brought them both together in a way. After narrowly escaping death and witnessing a loss, Agatha and Tedros flee into the Woods where a mysterious League of Thirteen offers their help in defeating the Schoolmaster and rescuing Sophie.

What will Agatha, Tedros, and Sophie’s last Ever After be?

Previous Books: The School for Good and EvilA World Without Princes

I enjoyed this book for many reasons. The first and foremost was the writing, the intensity, suspense, humor, friendship, and adventure, which is as strong as ever. The characters were also very vibrant. However, I do think the author could’ve spent more time developing Agatha’s character (if this is possible Sophie’s character was more exciting, even if Agatha’s was more likable.)  Also, in the end, after learning the fates of the three main characters, I would’ve liked a more developed ending that wrapped all the loose ends up as Cassandra Clare did in City of Heavenly Fire. Over all though, the book was a very enjoyable read with a happy, although not necessarily satisfying ending.

Rating: Read It!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this book in the comments section. Are there any similar books you would recommend?


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