Review: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle*, by Jeannette Walls,  is a true story memoir on Jeannette Wall’s life and childhood.

Jeannette Walls grew up with her older sister Lori, younger brother Brian, younger sister, Maureen, and her parents, Rex, an electrician and Rose Mary Walls, an artist.

As a young child, Jeannette is constantly on the move with her parents moving from place to place with little money and low resources. Moving reasons usually were because the bills had ascended too high, her father had lost her job, or her parents are bored of the place and sought adventure. Every moment of her childhood, Jeannette is resourceful and savvy and makes do with what she had and sometimes even had to scavenge food to eat from the dump.

With her first major memory consisting of remembering “being on fire” and burning herself seriously from cooking sausages at age three, she’s rushed to the hospital by her parents. At the hospital, Jeannette’s introduced to the ease of being cared for at a hospital and the art of chewing gum. Her mother and father, who didn’t approve of civilized places like hospitals complained about how long her healing was taking and insisted to their daughter that a man who had healed Lori when she had gotten hurt would’ve fixed her up much quicker than these new-fangled stitches.

Throughout her life, with constant excitement, problems, and new situations advancing on her family and her every moment of the memoir, you will never take for granted a poor, full lunch or a good roof over your head again. The Glass Castle is a memoir that tells Jeannette and her family’s triumphs and struggles beautifully.

Rating: Read it!

*Strong language and a few sections of material is not suggested for children. If you’re a child, have your parent read it over first and mark-off the inappropriate parts.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this book in the comments section. Are there any similar books you would recommend?


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