Review: Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

The YA novel, Afterworlds, by Scott Westerfield, intertwines the stories of Darcy and Lizzie.

Darcy is a senior in high school. Next year, she should be going to college. Instead, she’ll move to New York and work on her debut novel, Afterworlds, and the sequel: Untitled Patel. In New York, she meets famous authors and attempts to manage her finances with a failing budget.

Lizzie–the protagonist of Darcy’s novel, Afterworlds–is waiting for her flight back home at night when terrorists strike. As people fall around her, Lizzie calls 911. The operator promises help and suggests LIzzie play dead. It turns out Lizzie plays dead too well. As a result, Lizzie thinks her way into the Afterworld. In the Afterworld, she meets a psychopomp (a soul guide) named Yamaraj. Through him she learns that because she thought her way into the Afterworld she is now a psychopomp. As a psychopomp she will gain special powers and responsibilities.

Afterworlds had an entertaining plot, however I disliked the strong language. In my opinion, I could’ve read the novel without the bad language and be perfectly fine. While the characters evoked empathy, I disliked Darcy’s character. She seemed rather naive and was terrible at keeping a budget. Ironically, I found Lizzie’s perspective more interesting (the book within a book) and enjoyed reading her story more.

Rating: Choose It!


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