Review: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

The novel, Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini, describes Eragon’s struggles to fulfill his obligations and loyalty to his others. Brisingr is told from the perspectives of Eragon, Roran, Nasuada Saphira, and Glaedr.

CAUTION: SPOILER ALERT! Proceed with caution if you have not read Eragon or Eldest.

Since it is indirectly Eragon’s fault that Garrow died, Eragon and Saphira must help his cousin Roran rescue Katrina (his betrothed) from Helgrind and the sinister Ra’zac and Lethrblaka. Eragon, Saphira, and Roran suceed, killing one Ra’zac and both Lethrblaka, while rescuing Katrina. But during the rescue Eragon stumbles upon Katrina’s traitorous and stubborn father.

Afterwards, Eragon convinces Saphira, Roran, and Katrina to fly back to the Varden while he kills the remaining Ra’zac. Then Eragon revives Sloan and gives him a punishment for his betrayal of Carvahall. Using his magic, Eragon enchants Sloan to travel to elves in Du Weldenvarden where he will remain with contact with his daughter until he can change his true name.

Meanwhile, Arya, an elf and daughter of Queen Islanzadi of the elves, meets Eragon on his way back to the Varden to protect him. Eragon and Arya reach the Varden together with little discovery. At the Varden, the two discover an unwelcome surprise: enchanted soldiers from Galbatorix who cannot feel pain.

Following the battle, Eragon must face even more obligations and while he struggles to fulfill them, the final encounter between him and Galbatorix and him looms closer every moment.

After leading the villagers of Carvahall in a heroic exodus, Roran must adjust to his new life with Katrina and following orders.

As a (young) leader, Nasuada must solve major to frivolous problems on a regular basis while also grappling with difficult decisions.

Brisingr is a relentless tirade of adventure, magic, and suspense. The story is very, very complex and I highly don’t recommend you reading this series out of order. The writing was very good with character development and many twists and surprises. I’d recommend this book to lovers of fantasy with good twists, complex plots, and diverse (likable) characters.

Rating: Read It!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this book in the comments section. Are there any similar books you would recommend?


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