Enigmatic Riddles and Rhymes #12


Hi Readers,

This is the twelfth time I’ve done “Enigmatic Riddles & Rhymes,” which is a weekly post that features a riddle or a rhyme, etc. from a book. Since it’s the twelfth time, I thought it would be fun to design a picture:

Enigmatic Riddles & Rhymes Meme

“By the Valg, three were made,
Of the Gate-Stone of the Wyrd:
Obsidian the gods forbade
And stone they greatly feared.

I’m grief, he hid one in the Crown
Of her he loved so well,
To keep with her where she lay down
Inside the starry cell

The second one was hidden
In a mountain made of fire,
Where all men were forbidden
Despite their great desires

Where the third lies
Will never be told
By voice or tongue
Or sum of gold”


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