Book Review Policy

NOTICE: Currently I have a very long backlog of books that I need to review, which have been submitted through the below form. I’d still be interested in reviewing your book, but it will take a while (maybe up to a year) to get to. I apologize for the inconvenience. You can find other book bloggers wiling to review your book at The Book Review Directory.

Authors (traditional or independent) are welcome to submit books for review (as long as they follow guidelines) on Read It or Not Reviews. All reviews will be honest and give a plot synopsis, a review (on plot, characters, and writing), and a rating. Book reviews are normally posted on Fridays, but may also be posted on Sundays.

Please do not send books that contain material beyond PG-13. Please note that I will not respond to forms that do not have a robot check.

After I reply, please send a PDF copy of your book to me so I can read and review it.

I am willing to review books that are of the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Middle Grade
  • Mystery
  • Cookbooks (non-fiction)
  • Crafts (non-fiction)
  • Memoirs (non-fiction)
  • Pets/Animal Care (non-fiction)
  • Travel (non-fiction)


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